Best Left Unsaid:

In these days of political correctness, there are some words you just can’t use. Dropping long-standing team names because some snowflake made a squeak on social media is idiocy to me. It also strikes me that we are handing some people too much power to take things they did not earn. In this age, media of the mainstream variety seems to be deeply in the hip pocket of those who will take away our freedom. This is no longer a subtle process. For those with a pair of eyes and half a brain, it is very apparent.

Social media in the last few years has been a refuge for the lunatic fringe, but it has also been a source of truth if you keep your eyes and your mind open. That said, there have been a number of buy and sell sites on these social media providers that have done more to keep the economy rolling than the Federal Government. My experience is that sometimes this works for me, and other times I have to deal with more BLOCK-HEADS than serious buyers. In fact, the most interaction I have had lately with serious buyers has been from this website. How about that? Google sometimes works. Save in your browser.

What is best left unsaid is what I think of people who make stupid comments on ads I took time and effort to place on buy and sell sites. I don’t care if an ’89 Omni has 5 or 4 bolt wheels. I saved the damned thing from the crusher so someone could repair or rebuild it- to enjoy it for themselves. If you can only think of a ’62 Pontiac wagon as a demolition car- you might just be a MORON. Keep your stupid comments to yourself. See where I am going here?

Meanwhile, I’m going to keep adding content here a chrome n rust for you to look at, and hopefully buy something- you know, to keep the economy rolling. Later.

Written by chromenrus826675

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