Parts for Restoration and Repair

The Last Ride Auto Undertakers

The reality is that not every car can be saved.  These become PARTS CARS or DONOR CARS.  Some projects require a parts car to supply needed factory parts and fasteners to complete a project.  Or, you may need just a few parts to complete a repair.  Our recycling yard has several vehicles to choose from as well as a large inventory of parts removed from vehicles that have been scrapped.  With over 300 cars and trucks in our inventory, not all vehicles will show up on the website.  Please give us a call @ 403-343-6377 to discuss your needs.

In NO particular order.  You can buy parts or the whole car. Prices listed are for the entire unit.

1962 Thunderbird: 390 4-V, cruisomatic, 9″ rear diff. Some body and trim parts.  $600.

1964 Thunderbird: Lots of good body and trim parts, but no drivetrain. Sorry, the seats have been sold.  Still has the cool sequential tail lights. $500.

1963 Fairlane Ranch Wagon:

A true ‘field car’. Sadly, not enough left condition or rust wise to make this car restorable. It has some usable body parts and a 260 V-8, 3-speed standard, 8″ diff powertrain. The clutch linkage is sold. Need parts? 403-343-6377

1963 Chevrolet Biscayne:  A few usable body and trim parts. No drivetrain. The frame looks good.  $OLD!!

1973 Pontiac Grand Prix:  Car is a rolling chassis with a good selection of body and trim parts.  $600.

1971 Pontiac Grand Prix:  This rolling shell has most of the major body panels with it.  The floors and frame are solid.  The chassis has front disc brakes and a 12 Bolt (Chevrolet) rear axle.  May be some interchange with a similar year Monte Carlo.  $OLD!!

1962 Rambler Classic:  Uh, huh.  Nobody could think of this car as a classic, but it is almost rust-free.  It also has an aluminum block 6 cyl. under the hood. Lots of parts there if you are restoring a ’62 ‘Blur.

1964 Mercury Meteor:  (Or is it a Ford?)  Still a lot of parts up for grabs here- including the unique ‘Breeze-way’ rear window. No drivetrain, but there is a 9″ under the car.  $400.

DODGE CHALLENGER:  That’s right. This 1978 Mitsubishi built hardtop was badged and sold as a DODGE CHALLENGER ! The Plymouth version was called a Saporo.  Is it some sort of co-incedence that this, and the 2.2 Charger came to be at the same time as DISCO was going strong?  The only high note about this model is that Sox & Martin ran one in Pro Stock competition.  This car is listed as a parts car for the reason that it is returning to its natural elements- though it could be restored if you had the skills and determination.


’78- ’80 Grand Prix: (’80) with ALUMINUM hood! Bumper and grille available.

’77-’79 Parisienne (’78)

’78- ’84 Malibu- ElCamino: Clips, Fenders, Header Panels, Grilles

’81-’86 CUTLASS: 4 in stock.

1962 CHEVROLET Biscayne: Left fender- no rust, bondo, or dents. $500.
Right fender- minor damage. $300.

’46-’48 FORD  $100.


Gotta love it when somebody asks about something in the background of a photo. Needing a hood?