Due to the nature of Vehicles and Parts sold on this website and associated business titles, The Last Ride Auto Undertakers, Over The Hill Classic Trucks offers NO WARRANTIES or GUARANTEES.  ALL Sales are FINAL.  NO Cash Refunds.

The simple fact is that the inventory we carry is OLD, OBSOLETE, and most likely has an unknown history. We offer vehicles and parts that other Auto and Truck re-cyclers no longer carry.  While every effort is made to ascertain mechanical condition of inventory, normal wear and tear or even neglect is not always evident at time of sale.

Our pricing policy reflects the balance between providing a good working part with known history, or an obsolete rebuildable core otherwise not available from other sources.  Pricing generally reflects the value of a core with the labor costs involved removing that part from the donor vehicle.

We also cannot guarantee whether or not the part sold was the part needed to repair a mechanical or electronic issue.  Further, we cannot gaurantee the results of an improper installation of any part sold.  Since third party mechanics or installers often have their own interests or motives in the handling or installation of a used component, NO Part will be accepted for return or exchange without verification by an expert authority of our choosing.  NO Part is returnable if it cannot be verified  as the exact same part as was sold.

We assume NO liability for any costs other than the value of the component sold.  Some parts, electronic components , for example, are NON-RETURNABLE.  If a buyer has some reservations as to condition- do not buy the part.  Defective parts, if deemed returnable, will be replaced with another similar component, or a credit slip issued.
Dated 22 June, 2019.