So, you wanna trade?

YEARS AGO I sold off my ’69 Honda chopper and ’57 Chevy sedan delivery in order to close the deal on my ’62 Chevy BelAir sport coupe. Lately, I have been thinking that I might just consider trading some of my hoard/ stash to help further along some of my projects and to maybe kick around one or two of my bucket list wishes.
AGAIN, I am NOT interested in sleds, quads, or other shit that you can’t sell.
Just the stuff I’ve posted here, thanks.

Western Wheel Co.  ‘Mini lite’

Recently ran across a set of these wheels at the Quick Times Swap Meet. Hope I can still make a deal on them someday. If you happen to have a pair- anything from 14″x7″ to 15″x 10″ let me know. The manufacturer (Western Wheel Co.) and the wheel size is cast on the back side of the wheel. These are dual pattern wheels. 5 bolt only please.


One of my all-time favourite Fords is the ’61 or ’62 Thunderbird. This love was cemented when my dad bought a ’61 convertible that some fellow swapped in a 428 Super Marauder (Mercury’s version of the Cobra Jet) and then ran out of money. I snuck the car out the back gate and punched the throttle headed down Kerry Wood Drive. The throttle stuck. It was a white-knuckle ride until I could pull myself forward to turn off the ignition key. Much respect for that 2 ton missile.
20 years later, I have the 390 from my dad’s last new car purchase, a ’70 Galaxie that was a victim of an arson attack. Best new home for this orphan engine? It’s gotta be a ’61 or ’62 hardtop.
As you can see from the images, I have an old heap, but it is too far gone. I would like to find a decent body shell, or perhaps some ‘left-overs’ from a restoration to build myself a ‘bullet’ ‘bird.