Chrome n Rust ‘G’ Bodies

SOME PEOPLE go through ‘phases’. I just get interested in other things. As a result, I usually have a few excess projects or parts kicking around. I have a couple of NFS cars that you need not ask about unless you are prepared to pay the ‘pry it from my cold, dead fingers’ price.
THERE are a few Project Cars listed here FOR SALE. I don’t ask Barrett- Jackson prices for the reason that I price stuff I am selling at my SALE PRICE. That way you don’t have to insult me with your ‘picker show’ low-ball offer. By the way, my price is generally what I would consider a ‘fair price’ if I was buying the part or vehicle.
PARTS CARS are generally cars that are too far gone to be restored, but have good parts for restoration. Some I will sell whole, but most are salvage. (See pricing policy above.) One caution is that I will not sell a trinket or small part that will de-valuate a larger assembly or render it unsalable. I also carry a large inventory of PARTS saved from units that have already been ‘recycled’. Don’t be afraid to ask.


1982 Cutlass ‘T’ roof $2500.

Most of us like the ‘G’ and ‘A’ body cars for the fact that they were considerably lighter than their pre-decessors, and had great styling to boot. The only thing lacking was muscle car horsepower and torque.
THIS particular Cutlass was one of those ‘what if’ compulsions. The 455 from the above ‘barge’ bolted right in with a set of ‘diesel’ Cutlass mounts. Beyond that, it needs exhaust, wiring and hoses to be added to get the car running again. Trans is a TH 350. The body is solid except for some rust in the driver’s rocker panel. (The frame is good, BTW.) The seats are junk, but I will throw in a set from another Cutlass at no extra charge. $2500. So, what are you waiting for?

1979 Monte Carlo $1200.

THIS Monte Carlo is the little sister for my bad-boy ’77 Caprice. (I’ll post some pictures later.) This car has a surprisingly good body with next to no rust. Despite a couple of broken windows, the pimpy red cloth interior is in good condition as well. The original 267 V/8 is dead, so a 350 would be a great swap in, if you have one. $1200. buys it.

1982 Grand Prix $995.

IF you don’t look at the driver’s side, this was once a gorgeous car. I sold the previous owner the door after he bought a ‘new’ fender shortly after a minor collision. I wound up buying the car after the 305 started fogging oil. Sorry to say I have been too damned busy or broke to work on the car. The other big ‘minus’ is the rear frame rails are rusted. The quarters have dents from being towed by a ‘sling’ type tow truck. (Not mine, btw.) I was told it was a head print from the sucker that ran into the car. The brown interior in the car is- or at least the last time I looked, in very nice shape. I have a couple of OEM fenders available. Price for the car as shown is $995. Firm.

1981 Malibu $1500.

THIS car has been around the world- literally. It’s one of those sedans the Saddam rejected upon delivery in Iraq. This was a local car owned from new by an acquaintance. He loved it until the 3.8L developed a bottom end knock. This car is 100% complete except for maybe the dog-dish hub caps. The body has minor rust and would be easy to restore. The interior is good except for the fact that the original owner was 6’5″ tall. Want to restore a piece of 20th century history, or build a cool sleeper? Bring $1500. and a trailer.

1986 Monte Carlo $1200.

1986 Monte Carlo LS This is one of those cars where the original paint job didn’t age well. It may not be pretty, but the car is pretty solid. (The original colour was ‘rose’ BTW) The original 305 is dead for all practical purposes. The transmission is a TH 350- original was a 200R4. The interior is in good condition although it is sun- faded. This would be a great start to build a resto-mod. $1200.

1981 Monte Carlo $995.

THIS was one of my personal projects from years ago. Short story is that it got stuck in a shady body shop that closed in the middle of the night. It has no drivetrain and is missing some trim. The red bench seat interior is intact. There is some pinhole rust on the rear wheelwell lips. Will add some more pictures in the future, or better yet, come have a look. $995. will buy it, and I will try to round up some of the missing parts from my ‘inventory’.


1985 Cutlass

T-roof car. Good front clip (less grilles) 305, TH350, open diff. Front seats and console sold. Lots of trim parts.

1984 Grand Prix

Need some hard to find sheet metal and trim? No engine/ trans. Interior is there, but not in mint condition.

1984 Regal

This car is almost too good to part out. The ‘deal killer’ for me is the pin-hole rust in the roof gutters. No drivetrain or front seats. Open to selling the car as-is or will sell parts if the value is there.

1981 Malibu

OK, so it’s missing the roof. Lots of parts if you are building a wagon. I’m going to rob a bunch more parts for my ElCamino in the near future. I also have a lot of parts for Malibu sedans and coupes.

1980 Grand LeMans