TITS,TIRES, OR TECHNOLOGY: My brother once laid this on me shortly after his future ex-wife blew up the 400 engine in their Blazer. “If it has tits or tires- it will give you trouble.” My thinking was that he had neglected to check the oil in a good, long time. I’m thinking we ought to add another ‘T’ to bring this saying up to modern standards. Think of the trouble we have experienced with hardware and software since the computer became a household and business necessity. For years I had fought with an ancient computer and its obsolete operating system- which Microsoft abandoned in spite of the fact that it worked very well.

ONE of the things I do miss here at the Chrome n Rust World Headquarters is a good, old fashioned land line. Although I carry all of our phone lines in my pocket with the option to turn it all off after hours, we don’t have the option of a decent high-speed internet. We do have rural, high-speed internet via a dish antenna pointed at a tower a few kms. away. The internet provider advertises “Fast, reliable, high-speed internet.” Yeah, fast and reliable like imported Russian shit-box sedan.

THEN, we have the obligatory ‘updates’ that pop up everyday on my cell-phone, which is funny because it is an obsolete BlackBerry, which I believe to be the Studebaker of the cell-phone universe. The fact is that I allowed an update once- and had to get used to a phone that didn’t resemble the unmolested version I was familiar with. Most of the WordPress updates have been rather benign, but this last one was a hum-dinger. I just can’t wait to see what this post will look like.

OF course you can add in the complications posed by THE YEAR FROM HELL and things go off the rails all too easily. But, now that I have this POS running, I will tell you that I will be posting more content and Project Cars for you to look at- and hopefully buy. After all, we need some form of diversion to keep our collective sanity, right?

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