ALWAYS GOOD TO START THE NEW YEAR ON A POSITIVE NOTE. Somewhere in one of my other writings I observed that “At one point in our lives, life begins to take back some of the things we gained.” It could be our health (or some things we simply have less of as we age), our wealth, or some of the people we hold as friends, acquaintances, or family.

WE have certainly had to shell out more to keep ourselves fed with a roof over our heads. We almost got to enjoy pre-plandemic gasoline prices- but that is now over. I am also grateful that enough of you had enough extra cash left to spend on project cars, trucks, and parts so that I could end the year with a couple of dollars in my pocket.

As I posted a few more SOLD!!! edits, I noticed that the number of vehicles sold out-number those that I still have available. I have even thought about adding a ‘SOLD’ section to remove these units from the inventory, but still have them on the website. If you are like me and just enjoy looking at old cars- even ones that have been sold; you might visit that webpage. Maybe once I get that ‘cut and paste’ thing figured out.

The fact is that I still have a lot more to offer as far as project cars, trucks, and parts vehicles. There are still somewhere around 250 units in the Chrome N Rust inventory. New Year’s resolution is to get out in the yard and get some more and better shots to post in the near future. Again, if you see something on the website that interests you; get a hold of me and come have a look in person. (See the ‘contact’ page.) In the mean-time, I hope that this year treats us better than the last.

Written by chromenrus826675

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