A few years ago I took advantage of a ‘free’ google listing to help give my commercial operation Over The Hill Classic Trucks! some ‘search engine optimization’ thereby bypassing every East Indian nimrod with a cell phone who was promising top of the listing presence on google. For what it’s worth- some of the corporations offering the same service are as much of a scam. Yesterday I received an email notice that my google posting had received a second review- that’s right, only 2. Only 1 star!

Most of you reading this have already done business with me, and in the 10 years I have been doing business as Over The Hill Classic Trucks, I can count the number of dissatisfied customers on one hand. That means hundreds of customers have been happy doing business with me. THANKS, by the way. And yet, I’m getting a solid ONE STAR rating on google by 2 people who I haven’t even talked to.

My first one star rating came from some lunk-head who claimed that he had made repeated attempts to contact me, but couldn’t. If I didn’t know the guy, why would I not take his call? Did he try a text to landline? Good for an instant hang-up. Phone after hours? I have voice mail. Something doesn’t wash here- so I called him out on his one star review.

Anybody remember when The Simpsons first appeared on TV? The mainstream media decried ‘the dumbing down of America’. I think that we have seen this come to pass. One of my favourite peeves is receiving a reply to an ad that begins with “I seen your ad on kijiji”, which is more of a reflection on the quality of education offered in our school systems these days. That basically tells me that teachers had given up on their student some time before high school. There is also the thought that there are also LAZY people out there who act STUPID in order to avoid some task. I think you may have seen what I am talking about.

The other thing that gets me is that these guys are tech-savvy enough to handle the latest I-phone, but why the hell haven’t they enabled the spell-check and grammar app? I have a university degree and I still take advantage of spell-check. Grammar suggestions kind of cramp my writing style.

OK. I was young and stupid once. But that is more of a reflection on some of the bad choices I made rather than a pattern of behaviour. In fact, I will say that in my 6+ decades of citizenship on this planet, I have only run across a very few people who I would call genuinely stupid. That is, they lacked the ability to comprehend their situation or to react accordingly. So, if I chide someone for laziness or stupid behaviour, it is only to get them to up their game. I don’t need to denigrate someone else to build up my self-esteem. Thanks.

Now, on to my second reviewer: This fellow was so offended by my rude reply that he would not consider doing business with me- ever. OUCH! While it may seem racist of me, somehow his name alone makes me question his credibility. (I’m thinking African descent. Maybe he was one of those Nigerian Princes you hear about.) There is always room for anybody so long as our common ground is rebuilding and enjoying our vehicles. The fact that he was so offended blows any credibility he could have had. After all, ANYONE who is into the hobby of working on trucks has SHED BLOOD while working on said truck. We know that persistence will be rewarded- there is always A WAY. Any car guy or girl (whose dad is no doubt very proud) will also have used some very colourful language. So, no. If you are so thin-skinned you are not a part of our great hobby. PLEASE go back to your E-games. I would suggest soccer- so that you can fall out of your gaming chair and throw a hissey fit over a bad call or feign an injury.

So, if you want to see what these 2 gentlemen have written, google Over The Hill Classic Trucks. Feel free to correct any mis-conceptions they may have had. Or, better yet, leave a short review of your own. Thanks. Later.

Written by chromenrus826675

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