NOSTALGIA is what this website, project vehicle sales, and used parts operation is all about.  If none of us were fond of what we did and drove in the past, we would all be lining up for our self-driving electro- shuttles. There are certainly times when I no longer want to be a part of this world.  Recently we watched a news feature on professional video gaming- where large venues are being filled with fans watching this ‘sport’.  What kind of a bunch of jerk-offs are we raising- and they are going to take over from us?
THERE are times when I would gladly return to the day of dial-up (or even touch-tone) land line phones, and making a weekly or monthly trip to the corner 7-11 to buy the latest auto trader or the monthly Old Car Book.  Sure, the pictures were all tiny black and white images with a few lines of pertinent details. Then, you had to make a phone call to respond- sometimes long distance charges applied.  The difference between then and now is that you would have to make a commitment of time and/ or money to a potential purchase.
SINCE kijiji is now trying to price themselves out of the business, I have been exploring other venues to keep my business going, which includes various ‘Buy and Sell’ sites on Facebook. In a lot of cases, this has proven to be a gigantic waste of time.  I compose an ad, place plenty of relevant information- or direction to the chrome n rust website, and add photos.  I then wait for the phone to ring.
ONE of the many topics of discussion that I have with visitors to the chrome n rust World Headquarters is the increase of technology in vehicles and the corresponding  decrease in highway safety.  It seems to be that the safer they make a vehicle to drive- the bigger the idiot behind the wheel becomes.  In the days of bias ply tires, sketchy brakes, and no seat belts, the driver had to be aware of their speed, road conditions, and their surroundings to safely conduct a vehicle down the road.
THIS also seems to apply to the many websites and pages frequented by those with ‘I’ Phones. So many times it is apparent that most don’t bother to read the text of the ad before they enter some type of response.  I DO NOT RESPOND to these ‘reactions’ or dumbass questions that are already covered by the ad text.
LATELY I have replied to some of those who have left a ‘PM’, in spite of the fact that they have ignored the “Reply by PHONE CALL Only” instruction in ad text.  Again, this has proven to be nothing but a waste of time.  I answer a few questions, maybe even go take some cel phone pictures to forward, and then have some idiot offer me half of what I’m asking. GOOD BYE LOSER, ‘delete’.
COULD it be that most of those in the coming generation who had everything handed to them have no concept of commitment or investment in the world around them? There will come a time when they realize the time and labor investment involved in living  in the real world. Do these babies a favor, enjoy your own life, and die broke.
SOUNDS bitter, I know, but then again, you likely aren’t here just to look at the pictures. You invested the time where these ‘I’ phone idiots wouldn’t.  Thank you. Now go have a cookie.


Written by chromenrus826675

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