New Year’s Message

“You didn’t have to be a Dick about it”.   Sorry if I offended you, snowflake.  In order to prop up the year- end, I posted a couple of ‘boxing days’ specials- selling guess what?  BOXES.  8 foot long truck boxes to be exact.  One reply was “I need a short box.”  Well, sister, do you suppose if I had a 6′ box, it would have been in the ad?  After all, they sell for about twice what an 8′ box will bring.

I suggested to the respondent that he buy a saw and a welder.  To some, this might be a helpful suggestion.  If you used to watch the Sunday morning programming on the ‘SPIKE’ channel, you may have followed along when Kevin Tetz shortened up a long bed truck- including the 8′ box.  But then, this would involve more than pointing a cursor and pressing ‘send’.

THIS LAST YEAR  I thankfully only attended one memorial service for an ‘old neighborhood’ hero.  Due to an almost 15 year age difference, we never developed a close friendship, but a few years ago I had the honour to look over some of the snapshots from his photo collection.  I also took advantage of his sign making talents for my ’78 Chevy wrecker.  To say the least, I was impressed by his talent and his skills- not to mention the fact that he turned out to be a decent, modest person.  I can also say that I have known people with ridiculous talents who turned out to be assholes in the other aspects of life.

I WILL NOT use this post to comment upon the up- coming generation of retards here.  I am sure my dad’s generation thought of us a being stupid and lazy until we finally proved otherwise.  In spite of the upcoming technocracy and the mindset that we are doing the work of dinosaurs, this world will still need those who can use their hands as well as their heads. 

IF I can say that I have some great skill, it is not in doing metal artwork.  I can’t weld worth shit, or do finish body- work.  I still have an almost Encyclopedic knowledge of automotive interchange as well as a parts and vehicle inventory.  The fact is I know my limitations and I don’t have the time and inclination to develop these skills, especially when I know people who do. 

OUR SOCIETY has been the most progressive era in the entire history of civilization on this planet for one big reason- specialization.  Rather than posses all of the skills needed to survive, we trade our special talents. Or more accurately, we use currency primarily to enact this exchange.  We barter services and goods amongst friends when we can, and even pitch in for a helping hand when needed.

SO, rather than look down on people who work with their hands, it is time we show some respect and admiration for those who are skilled at their chosen profession.  If you want to be a part of the automotive world, and admire the artwork to be found within, cultivate some relationships.  There are mentors out there, and the only thing holding you back are the limitations you put on yourself.  If you have the time and desire, you can do it with patience and persistence.

Written by chromenrus826675

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