AFTER a mercifully longer ‘FALL’ than we are generally used to, I am certain winter has begun.  With this latest dump of snow, and the fact that I saw more southbound geese while shoveling our driveway, my hopes of seeing a brown Christmas are dashed.  The good news is that our bird feeder has a couple of ‘guests’ that generally indicate a milder winter.  They may be birdbrains- but they have a better track record than those calling themselves ‘meteorologists’.
FROM the lofty view afforded to us here a chrome n rust world headquarters the scene is wintery, which is great- if you like winter.  I DON’T.  Too much I want to do outside that doesn’t include snow and cold.  I must sound like a real bitch because of the shop that I have here- which most people would give a body part to have for their own.
AS most of you know, repair and restoration work usually involves dust or dirt, smoke, fumes, and noise.  This wouldn’t be bad excepting for the fact that our living quarters are not isolated from the shop.  Then there is the fact that most of the old heaps around here are homes for rodents.  That is why I prefer to work outdoors.  I also have a few indoor projects that I will work at until the weather improves.
IF YOU aren’t afraid of a little cool air and a bit of snow, I would be more than happy to show you some parts that you can take home to your winter hideaway.  It may keep me from having a  HEEERES JOHNNY breakdown.


Written by chromenrus826675

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