HAPPY EASTER INFIDELS!  Jeff Dunham’s ‘Achmed the Dead Terrorist’s Easter Greeting. The view outside makes me believe this Easter weekend is a joke.  One of the things that I do partly as a result of being old and cheap is that I ‘recycle’ calendars.  With all of the cool pictures, I could not throw them away or ‘Blue Box’ them. The two calendars in the upstairs office are from 2001 and 2007. I’m looking at a chopped ’34 Chevy 2door and a Pro Street  Anglia- courtesy of Trio Towing and DJ Auto Recycling. (Thanks, Mike.)
In my 60 years on this earth, I cannot remember another Easter/ April fools weekend. Surely it must have happened, but I am not ‘savant’ enough to want to find out for sure.  FYI:  Easter fell on the 8th in 2007 and the 15th in 2001.  So, one would have to assume that the date Easter is celebrated is somewhat arbitrary rather than historically accurate.
Easter IS about more than chocolate Easter bunnies and cream filled eggs.  Just to prove that I did more than sleep in church, I will say that it is about death and resurrection -ours and Jesus Christs’.
Car guys get it.  Most of us who have built a car or truck from a collection of parts know the joy of firing an engine for the first time or going for a ride down the block sitting on a bucket.  Then comes the work to finish the project so that it is safe to drive and look presentable.
My dad had this to say about an Acadian that I threw together to drive. “How many people died in that accident?”
Back in the day when I used to haul scrap vehicles (Scrap Vehicle Disposal Service: 403-302-1848) Shameless plug- I know. Anyway, for about every 10 vehicles I hauled to the scrap yard, 1 would be worth hauling home to ‘recycle’ or part out.  I have approximately 300 units out in the yard- do the math.  Of those 3000 or so vehicles, most were front wheel drive, computerized, and foriegn piles of junk that were built to be recyclable- very much like a beer can.  Unfortunately, other people got into the business who weren’t so discerning. Rising scrap prices made the situation worse.
After you finish reading this, have a look at the rest of the website.  Maybe you will see a car or truck you can give a new life.  Have a Happy Easter.

1939 Plymouth coach.  Spring 2007

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