Figure that one out.  While I had to bring ‘The Junkyard Dog’ back home with me, I count the event a success.  I got to catch up with some friends and acquaintances I hadn’t seen in a while.  I handed out a slug of business cards, and I came home with some parts I wasn’t planning to buy.  Imagine finding a virtually rust-free pair of fenders for a ’55-’57 GM 2 ton truck, or a NOS grille for a ’78 Monarch. Not a bad day.
The neat thing is:  everyday I answer the phone is like a swap meet where I have a ten acre table and 300 vehicles to sell. What you see here on the website doesn’t even scratch the surface. That is why I need you to call if you don’t see it here. 403-341-3708  Don’t text unless you qualify for handicapped plates.
*Just in case you were curious about where the fenders are going.  My ’57 GMC 2 ton carrier chassis. 454, TH400, 11k GVW rear diff. 4 wheel disc brakes. COOL?

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