MEMORIES improve with age. Things that weren’t that special at the time assume a more favored place in our memory. When the City of Red Deer insurers declared what happened to my truck an ‘Act of God’ and refused to pay for damages, I pretty much lost interest in the truck.  Having a few decades to think about it, the damage could have easily been repaired with tools from my dads body shop. I couldn’t wrap my head around it at the time.
FOR those of you with the will and the skill to restore an old truck, you have come to the right place. Over The Hill Classic Trucks!
ALL too many times lately I get requests for ‘unobtainium’.  When I started The Last Ride Auto Undertakers back in 1994 I used to get calls for ’57 Chevies, Mopar muscle cars, and even the odd idiot who thought I might have a ’32 Ford stashed somewhere.  The scale of things unobtainable has moved up a couple of decades- especially for those things Mint, Rust-free, and in a particular color.  Think about it, a ‘square-body’ Chevrolet Truck is over 45 years old!  That is like a Model A Ford back when I got my driver’s license.
TODAY’S message is be REALISTIC.  Your chances of finding stuff that is MINT is slim.  You will have some work to do- even if you buy a new part. If you do find that ‘mint’ part, don’t expect a giveaway.  There is always someone else who realizes value when they see it.

Written by chromenrus826675

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