MAYBE IT’S JUST ME:  It seems that e-bay (kijiji) and Facebook keep stats if you have a page or are a registered seller.  In particular there is the response rate or time stat.  In my case, it is a couple of days- or never. You may wonder why.
YOU may have noticed I can come off a little hard on some people or subjects.  To borrow the comment by one of our former Prime Ministers: I don’t suffer fools well.  Surely I don’t run across many of those in our hobby. Okay, tell yourself that.
SINCE Facebook was originally intended to be a photo sharing site, it would seem that most viewers only look at the pictures and ‘react’ instead of reading the text that accompanies the photo or ad.  Admittedly my business would do much better with a couple million ‘shares’, but old cars and trucks aren’t as cute as kittens.
THOSE who don’t get a reply to their comment or question, or get a less than polite reply, usually are asking for information that is in the ad or posting text. Then, there are those who fail to reply in the manner requested. (See above:)
SOMETIMES, it might not be a stretch to call these people stupid or lazy, or both.   If it comes down to you wanting to deal with me on your terms, this might not work out well for you.  MY ballpark- MY RULES.  I’ve been in this business for 25 years now, and have been building and dealing cars and parts for over 45 years.  I’ve seen and heard damn near everything.
I will paraphrase a comment one of my friends left on one of my postings:  “How can Jeff think of you as a serious buyer when it is apparent you didn’t read the ad or reply as asked?”
I AM OLD SCHOOL: Now that my parent’s generation is almost gone, my generation has moved into their spot. One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.  We no longer tolerate the B.S. we used to try pulling.  While I would like to think of myself as young, a whole lot of my life is behind me.  I’ve done and lived through a lot of things.  My kids are now responsible, productive adults.  I appreciate it when I am shown respect.  It really helps to get a new relationship off on a good footing.  I tend to reciprocate when I am shown respect.
OLD CARS AND TRUCKS aren’t the only ‘obsolete’ things I own.  This website and all my internet dealings are on a 15 year old computer (with windows XP).  While most of you have the latest ‘I’ phone or ‘I’ pad, I am still using a Blackberry 30. My second one- as the first one committed suicide- jumped out of my pocket and landed head-first on the concrete.
SO, PLEASE:  If you have questions, give me a phone call at: 403-341-3708, or send an email to:

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