Can we blame it on the educational system or FaceBook? One of the frustrating things about trying to do business in a digital world is that the more technology does for us, the less people want to do for themselves.  A lot of the time when someone replies to an ad, it is often apparent that they did not READ the text that accompanied the ad.  If you place an ad on FACEBOOK, it seems to be the rare exception where anyone looks at anything other than the picture(s).
THIS reminds me greatly about Penthouse and Playboy magazines from my miss-spent  youth.  I mean, eventually I did get down to reading the articles.  What does this say about the generation of people we are dealing with?
THE take-away for this is that if you are now reading this, chances are you are definitely a higher-functioning being. Time to get back to work. It’s been a slice.

Written by chromenrus826675

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