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FIRST BLOG ENTRY OF Chrome N Rust 2.0!

HERE is something that I need to point out: I want to begin this first new blog entry by stating that our issues with the ‘BANK’ are behind us.  I won’t get into any details here, and frankly, it’s none of your business.  Since we did not win the Lotto Max (yet) all you need to know is that we are open for business: (I.E. we have bills to pay) and we will be more than happy to sell you a ‘new’ project, or an ‘old’ part for your hot rod or restoration.

AS you can see from my picture (above)
we value our privacy, but we welcome visitors- if you are expected.  Which reminds me that we have to work on the ‘contact’ page next.

WHILE I may look like someone whose only beliefs are in horsepower and fire- power, the events of the last couple of years has led me to want to give the credit to a higher power.  There have been times in the last 20 or so years where we have seen the Hand of God working in our lives.  Things that couldn’t be explained away as co-incidence.   In the last while, we have seen prayer answered.

DON’T look for me in Church on a Sunday morning.  My wife and I go there every morning when we take the dogs out for their walk.  We get to spend time in HIS PRESENCE and marvel at the sun rises and sunsets from our home.  AMEN.

OH, and don’t worry, I won’t be trying to sell you religion.  I am pretty much the same as I have always been.  You just never know what lies behind the dark glasses.   Later…

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