It looks as though this year will end much the same as the last. That is, we hope that the coming year won’t be another Train Wreck. Any way, I have a couple of points to discuss here. The first is a continuation of my last rant. Besides the “Is this item still available?” or “I am interested.” canned replies on Face Book buy and sell sites, kijiji also has its moronic equivalent. Guess which gets flushed immediately? That is why whenever I log onto this site, I have 99+ ‘unread’ messages.

AGAIN, I am left to wonder if cell-phone ‘smart’ technology has overtaken the human brain. It pains me to see people placing and answering ads where it is apparent that their SPELL CHECK app. has not been enabled. Years ago I wondered if some people used stupidity as a way of dodging work and responsibility. News-flash! You won’t get the big bucks if your genius remains hidden. You might also want to look into the grammar app. as well since people don’t seem to get the difference between your and you’re.

ANOTHER possible lazy/ stupid indicator is when I receive a “Do you have parts for this?” photograph. In spite of the fact that my computer was upgraded to Windows 10 a couple of years ago, the thing still will not open these kind of images. Continue the conversation with your vehicle’s year, make, and model and the part(s) you are looking for. It is tiring to deal with people who seem to communicate with grunts and hand gestures.

ONTO another topic. I noticed my cousin has re-posted ads for his under construction ’56 GMC pickup. The fact is that the truck has had a ton of work done and I think he is looking for a buyer that will finish the truck in whatever build style they want. The buyer could simply complete some of the assembly and have a running rat rod. The other type of potential buyer would be one who would blow the truck apart and detail or finish it to a higher standard. What I am seeing from these latest ads for the truck is my cousin is putting more time and work into the project to attract a buyer.

THE PROBLEM here is that the more time spent on the truck increases his investment and either drives up the price of the truck- or the potential for lost money on the sale. The issue in this is: are there still people out there who will pay up and build from what they buy, or are the ‘buyers’ out there those who want to be spoon fed and buy a running, driving vehicle? If it is the latter, the market for project cars will be flat for a long time. I, for one, am not interested in selling my vehicles at a loss. Sure, you have seen these situations on the picker/ phony build shows, but if you want to be seen as ‘the real deal’ you need to put some skin into the game and build what you drive- not just dig a cheque out of your wallet.

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Oh, and have a Happy NEW YEAR!

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