I recently posted a new page (Chrome n Rust ‘G’ Bodies) in order to market another portion of my ‘collection’. I have recently been ‘outed’ on some Facebook b&s sites, so before I go public (I joined the sites) I thought I would post a few rules that would make interactions with me go better.

THE BEST means to initiate contact is by a PHONE CALL– and not a text message either. I appreciate people who get to the point and STATE YOUR BUSINESS. I do not like it when people try to play 20 questions with me. Reason being; in this day and age you never know when some idiot is trying to sell you something or otherwise run some bullshit scam. I don’t even like giving my first name as it might give them a foot in the door. It may sound selfish, but I prefer to build a friendship on a good business relationship. That is the reason behind this website after all.

ON the subject of business, I prefer to do business during normal business hours- NOT Walmart or 7-11 hours either. Generally 9:00 to 6:00. “I seen your ad on kijiji” doesn’t entitle you to call me just before bedtime. I do business MONDAY to SATURDAY. Saturday hours tend to be flexible: If no one calls or is expected, I will shut down at noon. If you ask when I am closing- DO NOT show up 15 minutes before closing. Give yourself enough time to get yer shit and get out“. Walter- Jeff Dunham’s alter-ego.

Chrome n is not ‘twitter’ or a photo sharing site. Let’s just say that I have yet to have a sale happen after giving somebody images of the interior or option tags. PHOTOS LIE, and frankly, photo requests simply display a lack of credibility or motivation. Keep scrolling.
Chrome n Rust is not affiliated with Amazon. I do not ship. I don’t have the time to box up even small parts and take them to the closest Post Office (7 miles) or motor transport company (30 miles). Then there is the cost…
The best idea is to find a way to get here in person, or find someone you know close to Red Deer AB. to pick up your purchase.

Think and Grow Rich author Norman Vincent Peale wrote on the subject of being known as a great conversationalist: ‘all you have to do is listen and let the other person talk’. Believe it or not, I am interested in getting to know you, and with what we are going through I understand that we just may need someone to talk to. Please, think about getting yourself a dog. I’m not a bartender, marriage counsellor, or psychologist. Besides, you couldn’t afford my rates. Aside from the dog, a great modern day survival strategy is to get away from the bullshit and take some garage therapy. A common interest in cars and trucks is what makes it all worthwhile. So, let’s do some business and see if we can’t build a friendship.

Written by chromenrus826675

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