ONCE AGAIN: F&#K OFF.  I am Canadian, we spell it LABOUR- not labor.  So, take your spell cheque- make that spell check, and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Cheekiness aside, I have to be the only one who does not like long weekends? It could be the fact that I haven’t had a pay cheque (here we go again) in a little over 19 years. As a result, long weekends tend to cut into my bottom line.  Why wouldn’t somebody want to look around a bone yard and buy parts?  Short answer: Happy wife- happy life.  Although I couldn’t think of a better father/ kid bonding experience than prowling an auto recycling yard for parts.
It just doesn’t seem right that any self-respecting person would flock to some campground to spend back to nature time with a few thousand other lemmings.  Your next door neighbor at home is likely further away from you than the guy farting in the tent next to your RV.

AFTER almost 9 years of living and ‘working’ at the Chrome N Rust world headquarters, I have a hard time imagining what it is like to work in a shop/ store/ office for years at a time.  I did it for 7 looong years before I made a break for a more ‘sane’ existence.  So, kudos to those of you who WORK for a living.  Enjoy Labour Day.


Written by chromenrus826675

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