THEY SAY that there is none so blind as THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE. I couldn’t tell you who ‘they’ are. Could possibly be from a Simon & Garfunkle song. If you have read some of my previous rants, you will know that I have little tolerance for idiots. Mostly, it is people who begin their communication with “I seen your ad…” or, people who are so tech savvy that they can order a nuclear strike- but they can’t enable their spell-check app on their cellphone or computer. Another way to get a poor evaluation of your mental capacity is to ask me questions where it clearly shows that you did not read the content of my ad or webpage posting. I might cut you some slack because your I-phone might not have a large enough screen to show more than the pictures and the “Is this still available?” short-cut.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, somebody comes up and raises the bar. Take a look at the featured image. What could possibly be missing? No, the guy didn’t ask about any of the junk in the background. No request for more photos or interior shots either.

Recently, I have been posting the phone number on images as I have been told Fake-Book has been hiding phone numbers in the contact information, I suppose as a safety consideration. (No further comment here.) As a go- around, I have been busy with my image editing program to add the phone number and some information on the vehicle in the image.

A few weeks ago, I posted this Zephyr on one of the buy and sell sites. Then came a query: “What year is the car?” So, not only did the guy not read the ad, but he didn’t even look at the picture. This leads me to the thought of never retiring, or dying on the job. Would anybody want to retire and leave their future livelihood in the hands of boneheads?


Written by chromenrus826675

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